In the Beginning…

I like DIY projects and crafts. I don’t come up with them myself most of the time, but there are some things that I do just to experiment, usually stuff that I give to my friends. In the past one or two years of making stuff, I’ve started taking pictures of them for narcisstic purpose (“I quite like how this turned out; I’d like to remember my products for months to come.”). This entire blog is nothing but that: a collection of my narcissim and self-proclaimed creativity.

Except that many times, my products aren’t as successful as I hope. Never inedible, but maybe not good looking, sometimes not even good tasting. Most things I try have a purpose, but that also means that I won’t be updating very often since I’m not looking to be an inspiring professional blogger that assesses how doable DIY projects actually are and advertising things that I’ve tried myself. No, this is more for the lulz.


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