A Little More Organized

Okay, so I looked at how many planned projects I have, and I think I’m going to update once a week, probably on the weekend (I’ll try to keep it to Saturday). It makes me glad that people checked out my blog (although it’s always like that in the beginning and then readership goes down) but I don’t want useless checking. In my opinion, if everyone subscribed (like Yvonne does), the entry gets sent to you whenever I update, but that’s a preferential thing.

I don’t do crafts that often (I think I used to more in high school when I did things for friends), so half, if not more, of my future posts will be baked goods. I’m also considering putting up some cooking projects, but we’ll see how that goes. I’m actually not a bad cook,  it’s just that I don’t feel like thinking of what to eat. I looked up recipes last night and I may be learning how to cook, slowly, despite having said two summers in a row that I’d learn how to cook before I had to start surviving on my own.

That being said, I didn’t want to post no pictures, sooooo here is how I keep myself organized:

From grade 6 to 12 I religiously used my agenda, especially once people got me pretty pens and highlighters. Now, the school doesn’t issue them, so I had to find ways to fend for myself. Not pictured are the six “sticky notes” from the sticky notes program on the computer and Tasks/Memos/Alarms that I have on my phone.

First picture is my school schedule where I graciously used white out to cover up the Religions course that I dropped, and used highlighter to mark in Econ and work. Left notebook didn’t have much of a purpose until now where I have my DIY projects and future recipes/shopping lists; right notebook was given to me for work, but I remember what they tell me, so now I’m using it for planning Christmas stuff. I really don’t need two notebooks, but I love them; it’s like I have such a busy life and everything needs to be compartmentalized. While people are reverting to Smart phones to synthesize their lives, I’m here breaking everything down as much as possible.

The second picture is just the calendars that I made from sketchbook paper and I’m using highlighters that were the end of pens… You know those pens that have highlighters on the back of them? I use ink much more than I use…highlighter ink, so now I’m left with three used-to-be-half-of-a-pen yellow highlighters.


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