Chai Tea

I don’t buy drinks often, but when I do, it’s Chai Tea.

Oh dear god, I just spoke in a meme. (Most Interesting Man in the World)

I love the frothyness of the milk and the cinnamon, though there isn’t much to it. In the summer, Sandi and I went on a coffee date with our mutual friend Asad (…so that I could meet him in person for the first time in the almost-year that we’d been friends), and ran into Zaynah (who we’ve been friends with since elementary school but never get to see). I had ordered a Chai tea, and Zaynah said that she likes them but never orders them because it seems like such a waste, seeing as how she can simply make it at home. I can’t think of anything Chinese that we can make at home that we don’t also order at restaurants (we’re lazy like that), but it makes sense if you can do it just as easily as at home to not pay money for someone else to do it for you.

So I looked for how to make Chai tea (alright, so that interaction happened in August and I looked now, so they aren’t entirely related, but it’s close enough) and amazingly, there are a lot of recipes on the internet. They’re all really complicated, like, “Boil Water. Put Chai tea bag into mug. Pour in boiling water and steep for 3-5 minutes…” That is EXACTLY what I am looking for.

Except that it’s not. I found one blog and she followed a recipe from

I ended up omitting a lot of things like instant tea (powder), and the powdered milk/creamers (there were three things like that). There isn’t really the need for those if I have real milk and tea leaves.

Even then, I ended up with quite a full jar…

… of sand:

But it tastes pretty good (Mmm, hot sand water….

Well, according to Yvonne and I. My mom hates it. But for someone that does like Chai tea normally, it’s nice. A teaspoon of each tea leaves (bought a tea ball because of this; I may do tea bags as a project later, but I was too lazy this weekend) and the spice mix, pour in some milk, and it’s a good cup of tea.

I’m not sure how the spices taste with other teas, but I just have black tea leaves. Granted, they are “100-year old leaves” and “1000-year old leaves,” says my mom (she can’t keep her story straight). I’d believe her for their age if I just saw their container:

(like my nice label-ripping skills?) But it tastes fine. It might taste a little better if you buy new leaves, but I’ve got a whole tin of 10 000-year old tea leaves, so I’m not buying any more for the time being.


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