Homemade Oreos

Through some paths I can’t remember, I came across this recipe for Key Lime Oreos on this blog: http://www.kitchencorners.com/2011/10/key-lime-oreos.html

I’ve never had Key Lime Pies or any lime desserts, but the recipe linked to Smitten Kitchen where there was a recipe for homemade oreos.

I love Oreos and I can’t remember anyone that doesn’t, so I decided to make them… without really looking at the recipe.

Yeah… looking at the recipe is generally a good idea before you decide to follow it.

The most research I did into the actual post was find out that the filling was made of butter, Crisco (shortening), and icing sugar. It seems that many other people try to avoid using vegetable shortening because while it isn’t lard, it’s a big block of greasy white stuff that can be stored at room temperature (it isn’t refridgerated in grocery stores). It’s disturbingly difficult to clean anything that comes into contact with shortening, and hearing “vegetable” doesn’t counteract “hydrogenated.” But no one on Smitten Kitchen’s post could find a substitute for vegetable shortening, and so for the first time I had to use it.

Overall the recipe is really easy, although it took longer than I expected, and we had to whip out our old food processor AND mixer. I’m not a fan of recipes where there is no alternative to using machines; we own appliances, but they are old and hidden away.

They came out considerably larger than normal Oreos, and I threw away half the filling (but that was due to my overly large cookies and deterrence from its ingredients), but they were still rather cute:

I don’t think I’ll make Oreos again, but maybe the cookie part if we ever want to do ice cream sandwiches.

The recipe is easy to follow and put together, and the cookies turn out successfully.
But you need appliances, a use for shortening (they only come in one-cup blocks, and you use one-quarter for this recipe), and people who want to eat it.

When I made the cookies, my family wasn’t in the mood to eat them, and we were in a bit of a rush to get Eugene and myself back to school. I bagged the cookies for Eugene to give to his friends and I took some for my housemates, leaving one cookie for my family, thinking that’s all they would eat anyway.

I’m not sure how the cookies were received by Eugene’s team members, but only three of my six housemates ate the cookies I made, and the other three cookies sat in a bag on the counter for several days. What sort of person doesn’t like Oreos? What sort of person ignores or denies a homemade goodie? Apparently a person that I will avoid giving anything to again.

If I had known the cookies would be received like this, I would have left those extra three cookies at home for my family who would have appreciated what I did.

But I digress.

My friend came to visit me this weekend and he thoroughly enjoyed the Oreos, saying they were preferable to boxed ones because they were softer (also why they would be good for ice cream sandwiches).

So the recipe actually did hit its mark in terms of easy and taste, but it didn’t create a reaction like everyone else that made this recipe got. I’m conflicted on my experience, but if you know people that like Oreos, then it’ll probably be a successful project.


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