Candied Walnuts

For whatever reason, a Chinese restaurant that my family (and many of my Chinese friends’ families…) goes to always has packages of candied walnuts topped with sesame seeds. I didn’t know they were candied walnuts (I just thought they were delicious) until I started looking up things you could do with walnuts, after my parents bought a big bag of them.

I’ve always been afraid of making caramel because it always calls for candy thermometers, but apparently you can completely disregard that and just eye it.

I found the recipe here:

I didn’t top them with salt, and I think another site may have even called for cinnamon, and I just went straight for what I knew I liked: sesame seeds.

Caramelizing sugar takes longer than I thought it would (closer to ten minutes of heating and impatient prodding) and walnuts clump together than I anticipated, but these were easy all the same and for once, I made something that wasn’t too sweet for my parents.

(Just another angle)

I thought I got out quite a bit of caramel. But this was the pan I was left with:

From it, I scraped these (I thought they were cool with the swishy patterns and they were quite solid):

Leaving the pan still looking like this:

But there’s a lot of stuff on the internet for everything, so I found out quite easily that all I needed to do was pour water in, heat it up on the stove, and everything would melt into the water.

Damn easy thing to make, increasing how rewarding it is. I’ll definitely maybe make these again sometime in the future.

(My innovative candied walnut-storage techniques involve plopping them into a jar)

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