Happy Days

I think it was sometime last year that I was wasting time on tumblr and I came across this:

Like all things tumblr, I don’t know the source or scale of it, but I liked it. So I made an adaption of it:

I have a lot of origami paper, so I used an exacto knife to cut the letters out, glued them down, etc.

It’s at home though, where I rarely am anymore, but it’s sort of a perspective thing. I wrote about this a couple years ago in an old blog, where when you look forward to certain days, you tend to skip over all the days before then. I can’t seriously look forward to Christmas/Winter break, or else I’ll end up breezing over the next couple weeks at school, with my focus only on what’s to come.

I’m also a firm believer against living every day as if it’s your last. If I had a terminal disease or future-seeing powers, I would not be at school studying for tests on my last day of life. And I can’t act as if it’s my last day, as I’d have to force everyone I love to act like that, and that isn’t a sustainable lifestyle. I can’t forego doing work to get an education or money every single day in order to live a day as if it were my last.

But you can very well appreciate your days. As bland as a day may be or as monotonous as things get, this Sunday November 20th 2011 will not come again. Pretty much, I feel that instead of acting as if it’s your last day of life, just be glad that it isn’t, and these stupid little “inspirational” things that I have keep me from trying to skip over some days and pining for something else.

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