Friendship Bracelets & Sample

I feel like people have always given their friends friendship bracelets and the most complicated bracelet I knew how to make was a braid or a simple string of beads. Well, this summer I decided to pick up this life-changing skill and I learned how to make these damn things.

Really, only because a friend on facebook shared this:

As simple and methodical as it looks on the site, I’ve made four and the first one is wonky as shit. It’s at home so I can’t even take a picture of it but I’ve got all these random knots and colours in the wrong places. This is apparently BASIC and there are other patterns out there that I can’t bother to learn how to make.

In any case, although I intend on giving these to some people, I don’t expect them to actually wear the bracelets. I’ve heard they fall off easily, and with my endings, I’ll be surprised if they don’t fall apart. (Maybe I never stare at other people’s bracelets intently enough, but I feel like theirs don’t just end like that)

Also… I didn’t measure any of my friends’ wrists. The patterned part of these bracelets hardly fit my baby wrists, so if I ever decide to make these bracelets again, I need to work on sizing. Overall, it was sort of fun making them because the process is so monotonous and you can see how each knot adds to the bracelet, so it’s instant gratification that all these little efforts are contributing to the end product and they’re going well.

This weekend I did a lot of nothing, meaning I was on the internet and I ended up looking at a lot of other blogs. I’ve found one that I particularly like, and so I tried a sample of one of their things:

It’s actually as simple as it looks, but my sample didn’t make it seem as necessarily easy as it is simple. … But I did use two and a half small post-it notes instead of “multicolored assortment of translucent paper,” a circle cut from a scrap piece of paper instead of using a “2 inch circle hole punch,” tape instead of a “hot glue gun,” string (leftover from friendship bracelets) instead of “white twine,” and the tip of a mechanical pencil instead of a “1 cm circle hole punch.”

Okay, so it’s a lot of substitutions that make sense way my sample looks like:

(Rotated to most attractive angle)

Instead of:

diy flower favors - camille styles events

But I think if I ever find an excuse to make these (they used them for storing macaroons for gifts), I’ll do it properly.

Also, it’s exam time and it’s been a few weeks since I’ve gone home, so I’m not entirely sure if I’ll be posting things for the next three weeks until I go home. I have quite the list of things I want to make, but I have neither the time nor access to do so. So we’ll see how things go.

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