Apple Crumble

I’ve always wanted to make a pie.

Melanie and I used to host a lot of sleepovers, and several years ago we were at her house and wanted to make an apple pie. Then her mom advised against that because it takes a lot of time, and then she made a crumble for us (although the point was to do it ourselves).

That was probably in grade eight, and I still haven’t made a pie. Without one of those stupid… butter/dough cutter appliances, it seems like it’d be troublesome, but I don’t want to buy a tool just to help me cut butter up into small bits into dough.

I’ve avoided several recipes because of this daunting “making a flaky dough” but partially due to this blog/project, I’m bringing myself to overcome these slightly intimidating recipes.

I found a recipe that had a pie crust, but not the cover? Instead it used a pecan crumble as a topping.

Yeah, this isn’t like “why bother making just the pie crust and not the cover if you’re going to make a dough anyway” because I was just going to use a frozen pie crust that we had had in the freezer for a long time, make the crumble, and then feel like I had made a pie.

Then I came home and couldn’t find the pie crust anywhere, and this was after I got my parents to buy seven apples.
Which lead to just making an apple crumble.
Which also lead to somewhat following the original recipe from Heart of Light, and combining what I liked of it with this recipe from AllRecipes:

Of course it wouldn’t be one of my projects if I followed instructions completely. It did turn out well and I didn’t substitute ingredients, although I did ignore baking soda and powder, but I just reasoned that that was because I was mainly following the Heart of Light recipe, while I followed everything else bythe AllRecipes instructions because…I was mainly following that recipe too…

Anyway, fairly simply it went from:


Because it isn’t structured like a pie at all, it became a lot easier for storage and excusing why it didn’t get plated attractively:

I found that after I scooped this section, there was all this liquid left over in the pan:

The crust was a teensy bit dry and then there was this water left over, so when I put everything into food containers, I began hoping that the liquid would moisten the crust and everything would turn into a block of delicious. We’ll see tomorrow, but apples, walnuts, and spices can’t really go wrong, I think.

I have recipes to come where I’ll have to actually make dough, but for now, I’ve taken something off my list of things to try making.

Note: I know I said I wasn’t sure last week if I was going to update this weekend… I’m saying that again for next weekend. Tuesday starts exam period, so that could either mean my productivity for school work goes up for my productivity for fun stuff and hobbies does.


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