Cork Stamps

Not worth the trouble. AT ALL.

The easiest part is getting the cork since all that entails is drinking a bottle of wine.

First of all:

O YA, IT’S SO SIMPLE when you have a knife made of diamonds…
I don’t even need words for my attempt. Just look:
(I need to take this picture in case its eyes fell out when I tried to take out the centre part)
(it lives! but you can see some face guts laying under it, and it’s nowhere as smooth as the original blog’s trials)
Well that was a “success” but I don’t have an ink pad, I realized as I finished carving.
Colouring its face in with a pen, here is the finished product:
Now THAT is a charming smile worth the time and efforts to carve, and dirtying my bed with cork bits.
But maybe a smiley face was too complicated, right? I had only seen the heart stamp (from the original blog) but upon writing this entry, I noticed her other stamps. No, I did not shoot too high and her heart was that much nicer than my try:
Smoother than the happy face, took less time, and yet:
It takes one second to draw any of the three hearts here that aren’t splotchy. It takes 40 minutes of playing the Not Study Game to make that splotchy heart.
Once again, I do not have an ink pad. It takes less time to draw out everything I needed. Why did I try this project? I can’t even remember.

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