Cold Lime Water (Experiment)

It’s not exactly that I did it wrong. I mean, infused water is just fruit-tasting water, and to get that, you chop fruit/stuff up, let it sit in water and chill in the fridge for two hours, and you have some tasty drink.

There seem to be a number of combinations for this, but I just saved this site because they have quite a few listed:

I had extra limes (I still haven’t used one and a half of them…) so I just made lime-infused water, and it looked pretty nice:

It tasted pretty refreshing, but I mean, there’s only so much lime water you can have at once.

I had some the next day, and it was still good, although I wish I had a strainer to get rid of all those floaty…bits… that comes from citrus.

I forgot about the lime water the next day, but they said you can keep infused water for days, I think up to a week.

It turns out that it’s not that it goes bad after a few days, but rather it gets nasty. In particular with limes, it gets bitter. Maybe I should have taken out the limes and not let them soak for four days, and I suppose that’s all apart of the experiment. I tried to finish my glass, but cold bitter lime water is as delicious as it sounds.

I think I’ll try infused water again, but I’ll use a sieve so that I can reduce the floaty bits and take the lime bits out.

Still, I’m glad I got to use the bottle for something; I bought it containing juice, and I loved the bottle so needed to do something with it. The lime was pretty much in tiny slivers, but at that size it’s just like taking out limes/lemons from a Corona.

I also tried something else tonight because I’m supposed to be studying. Usually when I paint my nails I go for a single colour all across my nails, but I saw (every now and then) a sort of accented nail that was a different colour than the others. I’ve been iffy on it, but I thought if I tried it I would settle on my feelings. I haven’t.

I don’t know how other bloggers do these sort of pictures because the colours don’t show up all that well. I used these two colours:

I’ll probably stick to a single solid colour from now on, but like the cold lime water, it wasn’t a poor experiment (in my opinion anyway).


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