Apple & Cheddar Loaf

Really not too much to this one considering it went perfectly, despite not having an egg (resulting in a more crumbly loaf, which really isn’t that consequential). I was also too damn lazy to grate cheese, so I just used that Kraft shredded mozarella and cheddar. I made something else with apples this week and I can’t remember what it was (which is sad, considering it’s only been just over a week since I’ve been at homle), but whenever they say to chop apples finely or in small bits, I add more apples than they say to and it doesn’t end up as appley as theirs looks. I like big chunks of stuff (e.g. chunky mashed potatoes, chunks of potato in clam chowder, chunks of fruit or nuts in other things) so I think I’m going to disregard any recipes “finely” chopped/slice and just cut shit up however I like.

Anyway, I followed this recipe:

Their loaf looked like:

apple bread

And mine was:

Which I don’t feel is that different (except perhaps in the picture since I’m too lazy to oil and/flour pans and just use tin foil instead, peeling it bit by bit from the baked good)

It was good, but I had a family of six to devour it while it was still warm. I’m not sure if it would have been as good once cooled or if I really would have wanted to eat all that much by myself.


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