Snow/Glitter Globe

My friend Zaynah likes collecting snow globes, but I think I’ve only gotten her ones from London (England) and maybe Scotland? Asia doesn’t seem big on snow globes. I came across these instructions to make a snow/glitter globe, and it felt natural that I try that for her. Overall it was successful, until something screwed up and I had to redo it, and then it looked grosser. Luckily, I didn’t document the last two steps.


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Mine wasn’t as classy as this blog’s but I think it was cute before I screwed up

So this is the lego man just as he’s glued down. You’ll notice he isn’t yellow. That’s due to permanent marker colouring him.

And here he is in the jar with the soccer ball (we had a lego soccer set on a field so you could shoot the soccer ball across it; it was fun) and all the glitter is at the bottom

Here’s the front view of it all

It’s raining glitter because you won the game, woooo~

It just keeps falling!!!

He’s such a good player he can even run vertically

Thanks to the magic of glue

Aww so happy.

The thing is that I used some sort of crazy glue and made it a couple days ago, and then two days ago I saw the lego man and the field floating. Somehow the glue wore off so I had to crack it open and redo it all with super glue. But super glue gets everywhere so although I’m sort of sure the lego man won’t float away in two days, the jar was sitting on a tissue paper which was on our table, so now there’s tissue stuck to the jar and tissue stuck to the table. And a thin layer of glue residue ran everywhere meaning the jar, instead of being clear, is sort of misty dirty in a grungy sort of way. And when I checked the jar to see how it was doing, I got super glue on my fingers and I spent probably 20 minutes trying to get it off. And when I gave it to my friend, she was happy but she also said that she thought it was something i made in grade 4, not a few days ago.

But you know, it’s fairly simple to make and would have been great if the glue hadn’t loosened.

The thing is that you don’t even know who this soccer player is supposed to be because Lego things are limited in their hairstyles and I couldn’t colour the shirt white. But if I said that it was someone of slight brownish colour who played soccer and was number 7, would you know who I was talking about? No, not really. This lego person looks like they’re Tamil, but it’s actually supposed to be Cristiano Ronaldo:

Not. So. Similar.



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