One Bowl Brownies

I’ve never actually been able to make brownies from scratch until this recipe, but I wouldn’t do them again.

Before this recipe, I had tried making brownies and they were both failures, so I stuck to the Betty Crocker mixes if I ever felt the need to eat them.

The first time I made them it was closer to when I had started “seriously” baking, a.k.a. I found out I liked it and I could move on from the Easy-Bake Oven. When they never solidified in the centre, I thought I screwed up just because I didn’t have enough skills yet. Some time later, I tried a white-chocolate macadamia nut brownie recipe (because I love the cookies from Subway) and that might have been worse since the macadamia nuts were expensive and although the centre was tougher, it was more like putty before you start warming it up and playing with it. It clearly wasn’t crumbly like a cake, but it wasn’t soft like melted chocolate. It’s one of those failures that you can’t forget but you wish you could forget like all the others.

Anyway, I found this recipe:

One-Bowl Brownies

Okay, so mine might not have been AS successful, but they were edible and pretty good right out of the oven. My pan must have been larger than what they were asking for (I didn’t actually measure it) because they were thin and cracked. This is the only picture I took of them:

Don’t judge me.

The thing is that they’re sweet and it’s a cheap sweetness. It doesn’t seem like that much sugar, but you can’t eat too many of these brownies and it’s not because they’re too chocolately. They aren’t rich and they don’t have much depth, but they looked and tasted like brownies (once you cut them up).

Whatever, it was totally a success.


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