Monkey Bread

As Catherine pointed out, this was pretty much like a cinnamon roll/bun but in a different form: dough, brown sugar, cinnamon, and (though I didn’t do it) a sweet white glaze, best when warm.

Of course something somewhat troublesome comes from Smitten Kitchen, but this was much easier than the oreos and overall much more rewarding:

She said she overbaked it, and she added the cream cheese glaze, but hers doesn’t look too different from mine actually, I think:

monkey bread + cream cheese glaze

Our colours are fairly different because I made a stupid but not that important (in my opinion) mistake. After rolling each ball of dough (she rolled hers out and cut them up, but I roughly cut mine and pulled them apart so all my dough balls were different sizes) you’re supposed to dip the ball in melted butter and then roll it in the brown sugar/cinnamon mix. I forgot that, so I accidentally poured half my brown sugar/cinnamon into the butter, so I had much less to roll the balls in. It still was sweet and tasted good, so I think it would just have been sweeter had I not made that mistake.

Overall it wasn’t that troublesome but I hated having to turn on the oven to warm it up, and then immediately turn it off (After it got to 200C) just for the stupid dough to rise. Most other recipes that require dough to rise just need to be room temperature or moderately warm, so I can stick it somewhere and not have to waste energy. Still, things went as they should:

My dough after it rose. I love dough that has risen because it’s so light and squishy, and since I’ve never had one fail, it’s a thing of success to me

The cake after having risen but before being baked. I think if I had had more stuff to roll the balls in they’d be more sugar than dough here, but whateva

After baking. This becomes the bottom of the cake, but I likehow it looked (and you can see how uneven all my dough balls are. I mostly love this cake because you pull them apart and it’s fun since I haven’t had a cake like that before.

My supreme serving skills.

I really liked this cake and I wouldn’t mind doing it again. I don’t think my family ate any of it, but Catherine seemed to really like it, as did Melanie and Dmitry. They tend to like everything I make though. I’ll just have to make sure they’re there if/when I make it again.

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