I used to really stick to using “proper” bookmarks, but that was also when we had book fairs and I bought bookmarks with the cute little cartoon polar bear. I had two that I really liked, one with a soft pink tassle and the other, blue.

Now I just use whatever is laying around, whether it be a receipt, card, or some sort of scrap paper. But I came across this image on tumblr earlier this week:

They were cute, so I thought I’d try making one. Didn’t exactly turn out cute and I’m not entirely sure I’ll even use it, considering how I’m out of habit for using bookmarks. Actually, mine is more deranged-looking than these monstrous-yet-cuteish ones.

I also didn’t have any card or printed paper, but I did have quite a few plastic packages that come with pills I take:

(Cut and tucked into what the tumblr picture looked like)

And I didn’t have any white card, but didn’t want to use paper because it’d look flimsy, so I used cardboard I had laying around. And I’m bad at drawing circles, so I traced circles with the cork stamps that I made and left lying on my desk:

I had to trace something for the pupils too, so I had to use my ring:

It looked a little boring, so I coloured paper and stuck it on for a mouth, and stuck in the teeth. I couldn’t do white teeth because of the natural colour of the cardboard, which is why all the colours on my bookmark are more dull and dark than the tumblr one.

Yeah, mine is the deranged bookmark:

But, um, I’ll try to use him for an entire novel, at the least? He looks less crazy when on something:

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