Lemon Ginger Cookies

This was a damn easy cookie to make. It took a while just because I seem to have made 42 cookies with each batch having six cookies. But at 14 minutes a batch and super easy clean up, I really dont’ mind. I did only eat one cookie and it was really lemony (I need to stop trying lemon recipes) which was nice, but I might feel differently tomorrow when I need to find a way to get rid of three dozen cookies. For now I’m happy with my sheep- and elephant-shaped cookies.

First of all, a recipe from a blog I follow but have never tried something from before: http://heart-of-light.blogspot.com/2012/01/lemon-ginger-cookies.html

cookies, stacked
I think the recipe was super easy and it came together fairly quickly; the dough was easy to “roll” out (I say “roll” because I just squish bits of dough with my hand until things look sort of even) and it didn’t get stuck in my cookie cutters. Also, I got the dream mixer (for my 20th birthday that’s to come in a couple days):
I don’t think my friends understand how awesome this is, but for this blog, I can say, “I loooooooooove thisssssss!!” I still like to do things by hand, but it’s fantastic getting to use a mixer with a big bowl and that’s easy to clean (at least for this recipe; I’ll have to go try old recipes and see if they’re as annoying to clean as before). I can try more things from Smitten Kitchen; she some times offers the method if you’re baking by hand, but most of the time recipes are written with the assumption that you’re using a mixer. Woohoo!!
Here’s a bunch of pictures:

Sheep, before baking

Sheep, after baking (they look so fluffy in comparison to before!)
My army of elephants!, before baking
More elephants and the one bit of leftover dough, before baking
More baked sheep
The transition between sheep and elephants; most of the trunks ended up sort of burnt; baked
And because I’m so funny, here are lemon ginger elephants having le sex; there’s also one with its face broken but… err… that’s okay.

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