Pop-up Cards & Cupcakes with Signs

During this past week, it was my best friend’s and my birthdays (hers on the 21st, mine on the 22nd). As birthdays tend to have, we made each other cards and we had some form of cake/pastry for celebration.

For her, I made a pop-up card, as seen from here: http://ohhappyday.com/2011/05/diy-pop-up-cards/
Ridiculously cute, they made:


Somewhat similar, I made:

(The bottom is only cut off because that’s where I wrote my message to her)

(Just a side view)

I think the OP used card paper so the pop-up bits had more strength and the crease would have kept its shape; I used construction paper, so it was weaker. I also have an asshole for a cat (figuratively…) and he pushed the card off the table and hit it around over night, so two of the pop-up  bits broke and have tape on them (not pictured).

Mostly you just need the initial method of making slits and using two pieces of paper for this; you can figure out the required distances for the correct depth yourself. I cut out an excessive number of balloons, but you really only need coloured paper for the rest and an idea of what you’re making; the fewer instructions/rules there are, the less you have to measure your result with and thus, the less you can fail.


I love this woman’s cupcakes and they are the cutest things ever: http://cococakecupcakes.blogspot.com/

She’s based in Vancouver, so I want to say “Oh, Canada! I could get her stuff one day!” but then, “No, it’s not Ontario… I’m not flying her stuff in, even if she was willing to.” But fondant, cute designs, cupcakes.


Anyway, she also does little signs like this:

So I did that. I took the lazy route and just used cake mix and pre-made frosting, meaning all I had to do was mix in food colouring and play with sprinkles. I was also lazy and used a paper stampy thing, so my signs were smaller; I also didn’t see the need in a full toothpick, so I broke them in half, leading to shorter signs:

I rarely make cupcakes, and because of my parents, I use frosting even less often. That being said, I thought my cupcakes were really cute and I took a bajillion pictures that need no explanation:

(I forgot I had so many sprinkles already, so I bought new ones, the rainbow…stick ones. The Zoo sprinkles consist of chicks, fish, pigs, and dinosaurs because that’s what zoos consist of.)

(Started with white frosting, added blue, added green, added yellow)

(I thought my parents didn’t want any icing, so the pathetic cupcake in the lower right corner is just me wiping off my frosting knife)

(Cupcakes with signs: “Happy 20th”)

(Cupcakes with signs: “Birthday 🙂 ❤ :)”)

(All together now!)

I don’t bother to put in this much effort for cupcakes usually, but it’s fun once in a while.

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