Good Things, Bad Things

It’s not that I’ve run out of projects or ideas; I just have no materials or real time to do anything. Believe me, when I’m back at home in May I’m going to hit the ground running and I’ll be… popping out projects… man… that sounds no good…

In any case, I didn’t have time to do anything for last week (actually, I do, and I don’t know why I didn’t post it this or last weekend) but I worked on something and it looks awful on computer, but I like it in real life. I think this is the essence of the stuff I do: see things I like on the internet and combine it with something else to make something else that consumes my time and is s’posed to motivate me.

In this case, there’s this artist Dominique Falla and she does a lot of different kind of stuff. If I knew more about art (or if you did), I’d talk more about her and her techniques, but that isn’t so. Anyway, I fell in love with two of her pieces:


“It’s time to wipe the slate clean” is just chalk on chalkboard, but “We are all a part of the same thing” is made of coloured string, nails, and wood.

We are all a Part of the Same Thing
I think it’s pretty awesome, but as far as I know, she doesn’t sell her stuff, or it would cost half a fortune. This one is also pretty friggin’ cool.
So that’s the first bit.
I find stuff on tumblr, that’s no surprise. Here’s one thing that I like (and of course I don’t remember whose tumblr it was from):
Surprise, surprise, I did something so that a + b = c…ish.
I really couldn’t get the pictures right. This looks a little blurry to me now. The colours are sort of right, but Good Things is actually red, brown, and grey. I also used the photocopier/scanner at work to scan my stuff, and they look like completely different pictures. It’s ridiculous.
It’s either all one brown-grey mess or it’s all magenta-blue.
These are all blues, so this is more accurate…slightly.
I don’t really know where or how I want to put these in my room, but theoretically it could look something like this:
But I don’t think I really like it like that. I also think the scanned copies look quite silly.
Anyway, that’s what I like to do with graph paper I printed (oh the things you can download from the internet), pencil crayons (my favourite media), rulers (a keropi one I’ve had since grade school), a black pen, and a black marker. Alternatively, I could have just stopped at this stage:

3 thoughts on “Good Things, Bad Things

  1. It actually looks pretty cool. It reminds me of that cross stitch project you were doing…”it doesn’t not get better”

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