Cheddar Chive Biscuits

I think I’ve discovered a recipe that I will actually remake over and over again, for several reasons:

– cheese (cheddar) + onion-taste (chives) are both delicious

– it calls for cold butter, so as long as you have it, it doesn’t require planning, i.e. you don’t need to soften it to room temperature

– they’re fantastic when they’re straight out of the oven, but they’re really quite good if you microwave them later (easy snacks)

– salty, savoury carbs: HOW CAN YOU SAY NO?

Okay, sure, they may not bethat not-bad for you and it’s very easy to eat many in one sitting, but ignore that and focus on there being chives, and claim that it’s healthy.

Yvonne sent me this link from Canadian Living a couple months ago and I got around to trying them last week with Sandi. Complete success, but I think by my previous gushing that was needless to say.

I don’t really know if that was more/less chives than the recipe called for, but with these two ingredients, there is no such thing as too much

I’ve never actually made something that required a pastry cutter, but it turns out two knives and minimal idea of what you’re doing is actually sufficient

So cute. The visible cheddar and chive bits were a good sign.

(I have a round cookie cutter, but if you don’t, the internet has demonstrated a way around this:


How do you say no to eating several of these? Seriously.



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