Lazy Post: Bread Machine Garlic Bread

By “Lazy Post” I mean I already wrote an entry on another one of my blogs, and I’m just going to link you there because… I can.

Anyway, the premise – I feel I should at least write that much – is that several years ago Yvonne was given a bread maker, but she doesn’t bake, so it was a sweet deal for me. I don’t use it that often (for no particular reason), but it’s the easiest thing ever. It may be on par with the Easy Bake Oven because all you have to do is dump shit into a container and stick it into the machine. With Easy Bake, you were mixing a powder and you were baking with a lightbulb, and with a bread machine, you throw all ingredients into a machine that bakes bread in three hours without any work.

I decided I wanted to try more recipes with it instead of just raisin bread, so I used the google machine to find easy bread machine recipes. It turns out that random sites may not be the source of the best recipes, but they can house an overwhelming amount of alright ones. I tried making a loaf of garlic bread today and I have to say that it turned out very tall:

It’s like an iceberg, only showing the top 10%

Bam, underneath it all, I’m massive

I can cut curved slices with varying thickness (within the same slice), making the crust tear apart


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