Sour Cream Coffee Cake

I had this dramatic story half-planned about how you shouldn’t trust random tumblrs to give you good recipes, but I just clicked on a link on my saved recipe and it turns out that I actually baked something by Ina Garten. Oops.

I’m going to tell my story anyway, but now you know the ending.

I was on tumblr.
I might have been on prettygirlfood, and I think I saved recipes from there.
I made a cake.
It smelled good, as cinnamon and sugar tend to, but then it was too dry and was rather plain.
And so I vowed to not do any more recipes from random places, not including that other one I saved from the same tumblr.
That was my dramatic story.

I was missing a quarter cup of sour cream and I didn’t make the glaze (I pretty much never do), but that’s no real excuse for the streusel to be so dry and the cake to be so dry and tasteless. Ina, your recipes are supposed to be half butter, half sugar, all diabetes. YOU FAILED ME.

I didn’t even bother taking pictures with a proper camera – THAT’S WHAT YOU GET, INA: CELLPHONE PICTURES.

It seemed dumb to have the streusel as the last layer because it made it troublesome getting the whole cake out when it was done.

It didn’t even become beautiful after an hour in the oven. Psh.


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