Freezer Box Cookies

I’m not entirely sure where I stand with Smitten Kitchen. She’s coming out with a cook book and I’m sure it’s going to be intense and awesome, but I can’t say I’ve fallen in love with any of her recipes. This recipe for slice and bake cookies was foolproof and I guess things turned out alright except I don’t really like how they taste and they sort of bored me. But that might just be me.

slice-and-bake cookies

What they’re supposed to be.

I made the dough, maybe in January? and didn’t exactly remember that you’re not supposed to wait that many weeks before you bake them. I made the cranberry ones almost immediately and they were okay, but the flavours weren’t really my favourite.

Yeah, they’re alright.

In April I made the lemon poppyseed ones, and I actually never finished the dough because it turns out I hate lemon poppyseed. It’s not very lemony and I hate poppyseeds. I thought this would get me to like them, but I hate poppyseeds on Everything bagels, I hate them on hamburger/hotdog buns, and it seems that I hate them in cookies. I have a bag of poppyseeds now that I don’t want to use because eating poppyseeds is like endless chewing for little satisfaction and things get stuck in your teeth. Need I say it more? I hate poppyseeds.

Stupid ass poppyseeds.

Anyway, maybe other combinations of stuff are good in these cookies, but these are just like butter cookies or shortcake, neither of which I particularly care for. I do not like crumbly cookies.


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