Marshmallow Icing

For some reason, I don’t make cupcakes/cakes that often. But I stumbled upon this site through something and I was curious to see what using marshmallows in place of icing would be like. I found this recipe for basic chocolate cupcakes and those by themselves aren’t bad at all. I also have had a pan for mini cupcakes for maybe a year and never got around to using it, so I was quite glad to get a use out of that.

Overall, not a bad idea to let marshmallows get soft instead of using icing:

But don’t put the marshmallows right in the batter before anything gets baked.

I could maybe blame it on having mini marshmallows instead of full-sized marshmallows, but I was also making mini cupcakes. Anyway, it turns out that marshmallows can completely melt and become absorbed in the cupcake:

The cupcakes with the weird pits are what it looks like when you’ve put the marshmallows in with the batter.

You’re best off to put marshmallows on top of your cupcakes after you’ve finished your batch, turn off the oven, and let the marshmallows soften in the oven from the remaining heat. When you take them out, you can press on them just to squish them down and cover more surface area. Doing it this way gets that weird, delicious tough texture of toasted marshmallows and heats them enough to squish and change shape, without them melting back into their original sugary syrup forms.

When the marshmallows have been absorbed, there’s nothing to indicate that they were there at all. With the firmer marshmallows, you get the difference in texture and that extra bit of sweetness. I don’t think “raw” marshmallows would be as good because they’re quite firm and unchanging, and wouldn’t stay in place as easily.

Not my worst experiment, ha ha!

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