One of my bigger projects and it only took two weeks to do… but I spent random nights throughout this past semester planning it and then an indeterminant amount of time creating its components.

Based off Dan Mangan’s Robots, the first song I heard by him, I made a…picture… I don’t really know what this is, to be honest. It’s a combination of things.

I saw this some time ago on Sweet Station but because they’re constantly collecting art from people, the fact that I saw it so long ago makes it difficult to find again:

But it’s a quilt. I looked up quilting because I like quilts for some reason, but it turns out that quilting is difficult as fuck and there’s a lot more work that goes into them than you’d think. So I decided not to make a quilt.

Then, on several blogs, I saw the idea to use paint chips for stuff. Some people used them for name tags for things and from A Beautiful Mess, she used them for an art thing:

So I combined the robot quilt, paint chips, and Dan Mangan’s Robots to make this:

Eventually I’ll trim all the excess white, but it gets a little wonky in the middle at the top because I eyeballed everything. Constant spacing isn’t exactly my forte but there’s about 2000 chips here so I didn’t want to draw out more lines. Each “pixel” is a “1cm x 1cm” square, but it also turns out that drawing mass numbers of equally-sized squares isn’t my forte either (So far, I’m not entirely sure what is).

For brown and black, I had to use those big pieces of construction paper-esque stuff used in scrapbooking because it would seem really shifty if I took a bajillion paint chips from Benjamin Moore (although that’s what I did for all the blues in the background).

The past two weeks I’ve taken over the living room table and essentially emptied my sister of three Elmers glue stick pens:

The plan was made in Excel, so I changed the colour of each cell to plan out what went where:

Some places are wonky because I forgot to straighten them out:

And other places have terrible spacing because I lost focus of the whole picture:

But overall, I quite like having two colourful robots constantly staring and smiling at me. That sounds much creepier than it is. In the day time.


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