Mummies/”Fancy” Pigs in a Blanket

There are these hot dog buns in Chinese bakeries that are oddly delicious and I love them. I found a recipe for them last year but they required bread flour, and I don’t care to use anything but all-purpose flour, so I discarded the recipe. I came across a recipe on this blog that makes the cutest stuff ever so I was tempted to try some recipes. Except that I’m lazy and so making cute edible things seems a little pointless to me, considering it’s a lot of hard work going into something that’s going to be mushed up in my mouth (with a worse fate to come).

It’s fairly easy except that for the first time, my dough didn’t really rise. I think it’s because my house was cold (it’s summer, I know) because I put my bowl of dough in the microwave for a little bit and let it sit in there for a while, and it rose a little. But still, it ended up sort of tough. Not sure if I’d do this recipe again, but it wasn’t a complete failure.

They were supposed to look like this:

Mine looked like this:
I stopped making mummies after three. OR I started getting fancy and made them sarcophaguses too. …
They may look like normal buns, but all I think of are cartoon poos.
Yeah, they were okay.

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