I didn’t expect to dislike it so much.

Like the Skittles vodka, it was really easy until the filtering part (and now that the Skittles vodka has had time to set, I think more gunk has settled at the bottom of the jars. I can’t be bothered though). Unlike my last concoction, I’ve tasted this experiment and my goodness was it terrible. The last time I had amaretto was more than a year ago, and it was Disaronno mixed with Coors Light. This isn’t as stupid as when I’ve made lemon pastries and hadn’t tried “real” versions of them, and only found out I didn’t like them after making a whole batch, but it is pretty stupid considering I didn’t have real expectations of what I expected the result to taste like. Considering the ingredients are vodka, brandy, and a bunch of dried fruits and almonds, it couldn’t have exactly turned into something magically delicious.

I like the site I got it from and I’m sure it’s an okay recipe, but I don’t think I’ll bother with alcoholic infusions again. Between Skittles vodka and this, I’ve decided to just buy my stuff from the LCBO, the Beer Store, or other proper alcohol-distributors.

I managed to find a fancier jar this time. This was a month ago.

Before and after. Each week I had to shake the jar, so you can see that in the end, the layers of ingredients were less distinct. Before the dried apricots were sitting at the bottom with almonds on top, dried cherries (looking like rabbit poo pellets) and miscellaneous stuff. The concoction looked dustier with the almond bits going everywhere, which was what you had to filter out.

I thought I was being so smart, skipping the step with the cheesecloth. I wasn’t sure we had any cheesecloths in the house so I figured I could just use coffee filters and everything would be okay. Nothing was okay. It took hours of this and very little came through, and eventually liquid just stopped filtering. I tried pressing the whole bundle to squeeze more out, and then the filters broke and my life was ruined.

The next day I went out and bought a cheesecloth. Kids, this is what happens when you filter amaretto. It takes forever to squeeze everything out of the dried fruit, and even after you’ve squeezed all that you think you can get, the dried fruit and bundle still feels like it’s witholding alcohol.

[Not pictured: more hours of filtering, but this time using coffee filters as instructed.]

IT TAKES FOREVER. And after many hours I started poking the filters to try to make it go faster, and eventually it worked. Because I poked a hole in the filter and so the liquid started running through the strainer into the rest of my filtered alcohol. All the serious bits had been taken out, and the cloudy alcohol just looks gross but the taste isn’t affected.

“Mmm, delicious!” said Nobody who tried it.

I tried it, thought it was gross, and then brought it out for my sister to try. She had a sip and thought it was the worst thing ever. We convinced my brother to try it (I guess this shows how smart we all are) and at first his reaction was “this is tolerable” and then it quickly escalated to “ohdeargodwhat”

We got my sister’s boyfriend to try it and he thought it was okay, but he actually likes vodka, so that doesn’t really count. My brother said that the flavours didn’t really mix so it just tastes like vodka with weird brandy with weird dried fruits.

I made more syrup today, i.e. diluted it and added sugar, and it tastes less awful. To get through these bottles I’ll definitely have to mix it with orange juice (of which we have plenty) but it’s going to be reluctantly drunk, not slowly enjoyed.

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