Picture Frame Wall

This is another one of my projects that started a while ago (a.k.a. last summer) but I only got around to completing now. I can’t remember when I started planning which pictures I would choose and how the frames would be arranged, but things sort of fell into place.

In the summer of 2008, I got to go to the UK to do my grade 11 English credit; basically a really cool summer school program. English isn’t a hard course so travelling with friends (I went with two friends from my school, but I also did make friends with others on the trip. Some times I can be social for four weeks at a time) to England, Ireland (and Northern Ireland), and Scotland didn’t interfere with our studies. Travelling without my family, being 16, and having a digital camera (as opposed to the film ones we had in our younger years) I’m sure I ended up with half a bajillion pictures. But you know that out of half a bajillion, a few good shots will come up.

When I got back from the UK, my family and I went to Boston for a week. … We’ve been there twice but I can’t remember the other time… Maybe in 2006… Anyway, I love Boston and although I don’t want to become American, I don’t think I’d mind spending some more time there.

In 2009, it was close to my grandpa’s 90th birthday (okay, his birthday was January of 2010) so my family and I went to Hong Kong to visit. My sister went in May, but I was still in high school so I didn’t join her until mid-July. My mom joined us two weeks later, and then my brother came two weeks after her. My dad, my sister’s boyfriend, and the cat never joined us, so it was only an almost-complete-family trip. Almost immediately after I got to Hong Kong, my aunt (who we were staying with) took my sister and I to Singapore and Malaysia for a week. After we got back, my mom soon came and then she, my sister, and I went to Japan for a week. The rest of the time that we were there we stayed in Hong Kong, although for a weekend we did pop over to Macau (China, but…I don’t know, not really).

Since then, I haven’t left the country, but I guess there’s no real need to go and my money isn’t going towards travelling for the time being. I do miss leaving Canada (it makes you really appreciate the country when you come back) and seeing other places, but all in due time.

Anyway, those were my summers of adventure and I’ve put them up on my wall. I love walls of picture frames and as it happens, a dozen picture frames from my grandma’s old house were in our basement. Free frames and more stuff that belonged to my grandma, can’t really go wrong with that. There are “tutorials” on how to make these walls of frames and the only thing I ever remembered from any was that you should make the frames go along one line. Like, there’s one line of space that no frame crosses… y’know?

I couldn’t get the glare to stop, but there’s a pretty clear division between the top and bottom frames

For putting the frames up, man… this was stupidly troublesome. For Ireland (far left, top row), Oxford (below Ireland), and London (to the right of Oxford), I used 3M adhesive tape and it worked beautifully. They haven’t dropped since I put them up last summer. Then I ran out so we went to Wal-Mart and shiet, they don’t have 3M but they have this other brand of adhesive tape. DON’T BUY IT. IT SUCKS. It peels away paper, it leaves residue behind if you remove it, and it isn’t that strong. And you have to use a lot of it.


Except that Macau (middle, top row), Hong Kong (to the right of Macau), and Singapore (second from the right, bottom row) are held with that tape and they’ve been okay for 48 hours.

I bought a pack of 3M adhesives again for the big black frames because they’re heavy, and Scotland (top black) has been okay, but Malaysia (bottom black) dropped last night. Luckily it dropped straight down to the side of my bed, but still, that sucks. And I removed the adhesive patches that I used and they sort of ripped away paint…so…thank goodness a frame is covering that now…

I also didn’t know about parts of the wall not being good for nails. I chose the place that I wanted Scotland to go and put a nail through the wall. And then the nail went all the way through. And a thumbtack didn’t work either. And it kept angling itself down, so I used that stupid wal-mart tape to try and keep it up. I’m super handy.

Goodness knows that didn’t work.

Then my brother explained about some places not having wood behind them and then I remembered all the renovation shows I watch and how some parts don’t have that beam behind them. So now I have a hole in the wall that will also have to be covered up if/when I take these frames down.

Overall, I’m happy with how things turned out.

I’m hoping to add ones from North America or something. I also don’t have one from Ireland because we were just in Dublin the whole time, but… Northern Ireland can represent them both.
Top: I forget, but we stayed in Londonderry (Northern Ireland), Edinburgh (Scotland)
Bottom: Boston (United States), Oxford (England), London (England)

And hopefully I’ll get more of Japan and some Korea too, one day. And more.
Top: Edinburgh (Scotland), Macau (China), Hong Kong (Hong Kong), Tokyo (Japan)
Bottom: Singapore (Singapore), Penang (Malaysia)

And with a bit less glare.

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