Carrot Cake, Sewing, & Revisiting Infused Alcohol

No pictures because I’m lazy, carrot cake went smoothly, and sewing was too horrible/embarassing for me to put up despite this being a blog for just that.

1) I made carrot cake and it’s not really like cake, but it’s delicious. I initially made it because my sister’s boyfriend loves carrot cake, but then it turns out my entire family does too. So that’s a plus. Like usual, I was too lazy to make the frosting, but regardless, it’s more like a carrot and walnut loaf. I’ve never considered carrot cake to be a true cake anyway… Cakes don’t involve vegetables, I don’t care what you say. In any case, I might start looking for “vegan” recipes if only for the reason that they always use applesauce, leading to a more moist product. This recipe can be veganized but you need stupid egg substitutes. It can also be made raw, and although my sister is doing a 80% raw/100% vegan challenge for a few weeks, even she thought that was unnecessary.

2) I was digging through my grandma’s old stuff when I came across this sparkly shirt. I’m not entirely sure what normal grandmothers wear, but my grandma’s clothing always consisted of several colours and patterns, as well as sequins and anything that was flashy.

I find it hard to throw away clothes and I find it especially hard to throw away my grandmother’s clothes, so I tried to repurpose a shirt. It was a sleeveless black stretchy shirt with silver sparkles and I thought I’d try to make it into a tank top that actually fit. Not that hard, right? There are tutorials for everything and golly gee did I need them all.

Ironically, earlier this summer I was referred for a seamstress position for the Royal Academy of something military, up in Kingston. Even with wikihow and video tutorials, it took me an hour to prepare a sewing machine. I took HomeEc in grade 9 and I sewed once between then and now, so I somewhat knew what to do, but essentially, I knew nothing. Even after I got the machine ready, I didn’t really make a tank top because, oh what’s that, you need to make holes for arms. It seems that I forgot that just because you sew the outline of a shirt, it doesn’t mean you sew two pieces of material together and then a hole for your arm magically appears. Can you imagine my surprise when I turned the shirt inside out and it was just a cylinder of sparkles in the night sky?

So I turned it into a tube top. I don’t really wear tube tops but I could start. It’s not the worst thing ever, but gosh darn it, I am bad at using sewing machines and making clothing. I can sew quite well by hand and I can patch clothes up, but it’s going to be a long time until I can start making my own shirts or dresses, or even adding pockets to dresses (but once I learn that, every single dress and skirt I have is going to have pockets and it’s going to be the best thing ever).

3) I drank my skittles vodka. The “mixed” flavour, which was really just red and purple, wasn’t bad and it was a little strong, but infinitely better than plain vodka. It’s good straight and it’s also good mixed with club soda, but because I was so goddamn lazy with my filtering, all the white bits float to the top when you add the carbonated drink. All my jars of vodka have the white gunk sitting at the bottom, so it’s not as though I can say I was surprised to have it run to the top when I mixed a drink. Again, not a bad experiment, but there’s way too much work to turn these into acceptable products that you could give away.

4) I drank my amaretto again. I had made more simple syrup for it and that was significantly better, but mixed with orange juice and grapefruit-flavoured Perrier, it’s actually somewhat delicious. In the end, not the worst thing I’ve ever made (that award goes to lemon poppyseed cookies because fuck poppyseeds) but too much work.

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