M&M Cookies

Had I known about this recipe two years ago, I most definitely would have gotten the Freshman 15 (…or 50) (or maybe just diabetes).

I love the cookies at Subway and if I ever get a combo, I get one white chocolate & macademia nut cookie and one m&ms cookie. M&m cookies are the best because they’re not only chocolates coated in candy, but they’re colourful. While I do love the classic chocolate chip cookie, m&m cookies can complete aesthetically and will forever hold a place in my heart.

The last time I tried a recipe from Diamonds for Dessert, my laziness resulted in subpar pastries. This time, I was not disappoint.

It isn’t often that I bake with other people, but for once, it worked out really well to bake with two of my friends. One of them mixed all the dry ingredients, I finished the rest of the mixing, and my other friend molded all the cookies. I’m bossy so I kept nagging about the sizes of the cookies, but it doesn’t really matter how big or small the cookies were as long as the batch was uniform.

We actually made some changes to the recipe (slight and somewhat insignificant):

– added 1 cup of m&ms instead of 1.5; we were going to add half a cup of peanut m&ms after making some only-milk chocolate ones, but the single cup turned out to make a very chocolately cookie as it was
– shaped cookies from 1-1.5 tablespoons of dough; 2 tablespoons was quite large, and 1/4 cup cookies would have made obnoxiously large and few cookies
– accidentally added a bit too much salt, which ended up making them taste somewhat like peanut butter cookies. It wasn’t intended and I wouldn’t do it again, but it’s surprisingly good.
– didn’t detach and reattach the cookies

They don’t brown at all, which is unexpected but dismissable. The dough gets its colour from brown sugar mostly, some vanilla extract (I also only had half of what was required and it was fine), so it’s fairly light coloured. For these sizes, 10 minutes was fine, and they sat on the pan to cool until I had to reuse the pan for another batch.

I’ve recently made the switch over to wax paper. I used to use aluminum foil, but most recipes call for wax/parchment paper, so I tried it. It feels easier, but my main motivation was that you can put wax/parchment paper in the compost/organics bin. The oil will go through to the pan, but other than that, no regrets.

I don’t tend to make recipes more than once, but for you, m&m cookies, I will.


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