Pizza from Scratch

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to make a pizza that’s entirely from scratch, i.e. with toppings I grew/made myself. Earlier this year I made my own pizza using the dough discs from the grocery store, but that wasn’t sufficient and I decided to make the dough as well.

It’s entirely delicious and I wouldn’t go back to storebought if I always had the time to make the dough. It’s pretty darn easy to make, you can customize it, and the dough is much more…bread-like? It’s chewier like a dinner roll or bread stick, so the crust is much more enjoyable.

I used this recipe and many comments said to 1) bake the dough before adding toppings for ten-ish minutes and 2) add some flavouring to the dough in the beginning. I listened to both suggestions, but I only added one teaspoon of each garlic powder and herbs de provence. It tasted good, but next time, I’d definitely add more (especially the garlic powder).

I need to point out now that the pictures today are terrible because I used my phone’s camera. I’m shaky, the light is often inconsistent with the phone camera, and – I’m probably breaking all unspoken rules of [food] blogging – I took all my pictures in different places with varying lighting. Pictures from each of the walls of the kitchen, under the oven’s lighting, outside on the table with natural light… Yeah, I’m really good at [food] blogging.

So appetizing! This is the stuff I tossed in the dough, before flour. I love watching yeast get frothy.

Here is where I show off my superb pizza-making skills.

I squished it out into a circle-esque shape, forgot to oil the wax paper, didn’t add a lot of cornmeal, accidentally hit the wax paper with the too-sticky dough, and couldn’t even out the thickness. The thickness and shape were inconsequential, but not oiling the wax paper and not adding enough corn meal resulted in my family ingesting wax paper because the pizza would not separate. Thank goodness I didn’t use tin foil.

Margarita pizza. I did not know you’re still supposed to use tomato paste, but it tastes quite nice regardless.
Bocconcini, Tomatoes, Basil, Bocconcini

I’m sure if you brushed the edges with butter/oil then it would brown more, but I can’t really care less since it’s cooked the way through.

Tomato paste, 2 cloves of garlic (chopped) (which really made this pizza much better), onions (diced/chopped), tomatoes, mushrooms; marble cheese slices tucked in/under things as an afterthought.

The second pizza was much better. The cheese added nothing, but it’s typical of tomato sauce pizzas. I remembered to oil the paper and add more corn meal, so it was significantly easier to eat. 18 minutes for deliciousness.

I love pizza. No regrets.

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