Stuffed Animal

During exam time, I was “studying” and decided I wanted to try and make a stuffed animal.

When I went to Japan with my mom and sister in 2009, my sister bought me a package of stuff when we were at a science museum. She also bought another package for her boyfriend’s five-year old nephew, but that’s okay: dinosaurs are for everyone. It was actually a really random package because in addition to a stuffed dinosaur (I got T-Rex but there was a stegosaurus), there were postcards with cartoon whales, a face towel with an embroided whale, a paper photo frame with penguins…a whole assortment of things.

I decided T-Rex (I’m very good at naming stuffed animals) deserved a friend, so I made him one:

Friend (Unnamed for now), left, and T-Rex, right

I looked to the internet for guidance and found this lady that has made stuffed animals before. She didn’t help me all that much, but it sort of gave me guidelines: sew things inside out first; stitch limbs on like little packages. Her elephant entry was more useful to me than the dinosaur one.

To make the outline, I literally laid T-Rex down on paper and traced out each part that I needed to cut out and sew:

Traced these onto fabric (I could only find white, else it’d be a crazy pattern…), cut those out, sewed them together, blah blah blah.


Arms, legs, main body (inside out)

Belly inside out, belly normal

Arms sewed on. Looks like a ghost,oOOooOh

Bottom jaw. Left side shows my awesome stiching: left was attaching red and white fabrics, and the right side was the stich I did to attach the black (teeth). The right picture was the finished product.

Awesome stiching of the inside of the mouth. I didn’t want the bottom jaw hanging all the way open so I sewed different places to try and get the mouth to be smaller. Turns out sewing the sides is the most effective, rather than across the middle.

Head turned inside out!

Finished: side views. Taped on different sized googly eyes because I can’t decide which one I like more. I think I’ll go with the left (smaller) one.

Front/back views. Looks a little crazy and lopsided…

I ended up giving Friend a scarf to cover up the terrible stitching of the head to the body 😀

I wouldn’t make stuffed animals for other people, but in the 12-hours that Friend has been put together, it’s held still. Maybe one day I can improve my skills, but for now, I’m just glad I know I can do this much now.

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