S’mores Indoors

I’ve lived in the same house for twenty years, i.e. all my life. We have a fireplace yet I have never used it. I suppose it’s a good thing, or else every night of the winter I’d be making s’mores and octopus wieners on sticks.

Unfortunately I found out how to roast marshmallows incredibly easily and quickly, and I may have just ruined my life and body forever.

I strayed from the recipe, as I so often do, and left the marshmallows in for more than “2-3 minutes.” Kids, if you’re to take away anything from this, it’s that you should always leave a note. follow the rules.

Unless you like sort of burnt marshmallow (as my best friend does). Then fuck the rules. Yeah. Burnt marshmallow… Badass.

 The mini marshmallows were for another experiment, regular-sized marshmallows were for eating regular-sized marshmallows, and the ones in the back are “Campfire marshmallows,” a.k.a. squishy sugar the size of a large kiwi fruit.

It turns out that Kisses don’t melt nicely (in the time that it takes the marshmallows to colour). Also, my brother was eating two s’mores, so don’t judge. Can you find the Campfire marshmallow?

They all look the same size! Completely identical!

This picture makes it look so much worse than I remember. But because you use a broiler, where the heat comes from the top, the massive marshmallow had to be flipped in order to not get black on the top. This all looks so silly.

… Yeah, I’d eat that.


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