Snack Box

One of my best friend’s birthday is in April. Being the great friend that I am, I gave her a birthday gift last Thursday.

To be fair, I decided on the idea in March or April, and I saved two clementine boxes in hopes of using them for this project. I was even thoughtful enough to leave the boxes in the corner of my room until July, staring at me, until I tried to use them, only to find out they were inadequate.

As well, I initially couldn’t find good boxes so I was set on going to Rona/Home Depot to buy wooden planks to construct a box. Alas, my family shot me down because I have no idea what I’m doing. The only time I’ve truly built something was a small planters box in grade 4, but it was supervised and I think things might have been cut for me. I’m not even sure I used nails?

In the end, my mom took me to Michael’s and I had a field day. I love arts and crafts (I suppose this blog would imply that) so to see rows upon rows of materials, I usually almost pee myself in glee. I found a reasonable box that demanded to be painted over; I also found felt and googly eyes to complete T-Rex’s Friend.

Original: Birds (blech), butterflies (BLECH), a crown, nonsensical cursive words, and maybe even a fleur-de-lis.

Painters tape was the exact width of the easily-peelable studded strips, so that was good for painting…except for in the end when it peeled away from of the paint. Used it again on the sides though (and it also peeled away some paint). You can’t really tell but the dots were a mix of iridescent white mixed with deep yellow, and they were blobbed on because of lazy, leading to texture.

I thought I’d be able to saw off the corners of the clementine boxes, stick a hinge on (or something like that), and then I’d magically have a box. It didn’t turn out to be that easy.

I decided to continue the very regal (ancient?) theme of the box, and inserted a bottom covered in red material. The bottoms of the clementine boxes still didn’t prove useful because they didn’t fit nicely into the chest, so I used my superb exacto knife skills to cut out a crude cardboard bottom.

From this angle, it looks like it perfectly fits the box!

My friend is Chinese so it was pretty easy filling the snack box, considering Asian grocery stores have been selling the snacks that we’ve eaten since childhood. When she went through the box, her boyfriend was there (he’s Korean) and they both remembered all the snacks. Asians never forget.

Snack box contains: Chocolate Pocky (two packs); Strawberry Pocky (one pack); Tomato Pretz (seven packs); Yan Yan (cracker sticks that come with chocolate spread; I grew up with one that had an extra compartment for sprinkles); Doritos (Cool Ranch); gummy candies in the shape of hamburgers (that come apart as bread, lettuce, meat, and bread); the two extra boxes are ones that I made (filled with peach rings and Swedish Berries)

For the patterned boxes I used the net for boxes from I Still Love You. I made them from a hardish paper but permanent marker bled through so I covered them in wrapping paper.

And then I got lazy and instead of making nice bags, I just used sandwich bags inside:

She quite liked it in the end, although has decided that’s her designated snack box, rather than use it for other things. I think I just gave my best friend diabetes. At least she’ll enjoy the ride?

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