I am a pessimist.

I always have been and always will be a pessimist.

In spite of or due to that, my room (at school) literally surrounds me with motivation to keep my spirits up, to keep going forward, and to believe in what I’m doing.

I am living in tumblr. I just need to find a way to make instagram into a lifestyle and I’ll be set.

I added three things to my wall today, which leads to me to 1) write this post and 2) declare that if I’m going to live in this room for another year, I need to slow down my decoration/self-motivation.

First of all: the newest. The least planned considering I thought it up during my 8:30am class today and it was made two hours later; usually it takes at least a week of tinkering and extensive use of rulers.

I have this big problem of suddenly wanting things that I didn’t know I wanted, but it only happens when I’ve found out that I can’t have it. It’s a little sad how much I need this venn diagram. I will also point out that the figure at the intersection of “What you Don’t Have” and “What you Don’t Want” is my ability to draw Chris Evans

Second: I saw this poster, maybe two weeks ago, and I love this idea but I’m too cheap to spend $25 on a simple type poster. So duh, I made my own.

I don’t like directly copying posters because I feel like a giant asshole, so with the magic of a blue pen, red pen, black marker, and green pencil crayon, I have this. It pales in comparison to the other thing I put up on my wall…

Third: I commissioned a piece of art from May Shi. It’s a little ridiculous what I got from her considering what I gave her, especially when it’s hanging next to the above paper. A long time ago, I saw this picture on tumblr; without knowing what I wanted to do with it, I saved it:

Eventually when I figured out what I thought I wanted, I messaged May, telling her that I wanted a painted canvas with the quote, Alice, and the Cheshire cat (but not that one). She sent me back sketches and blah blah blah, the process of commissioning work. The other week, I picked up this:


I don’t have a good camera so it actually looks a lot cooler in person. Man, I wish I could say I did this.

Fourth: let’s review my room.

On the same wall as the venn diagram are motivational sparkly mini posters from my best friend (as well as pictures from my travels):

I suppose I could have cropped this picture.

On the wall next to that is only one small “poster” but it’s jam-packed with motivation. Considering this wall has two doors and a mirror, it’s unlikely it’ll get much more decorated.

It has things from something else I saw on the internet, How to Be an Explorer of the World, something else I saw on tumblr, and some thoughts. It’s like, 20cm long so it’s just a small reminder when I leave the room.

The last wall is separated into three parts because that’s just what my room is like:

Robots isn’t motivation, it’s just cute; Good Things/Best Things; remants of first-year residence. And then you can see the other division of the wall:

This is where the lack of a camera is the most evident. These are pencil crayon or chalk, drawn onto the wall in the winter semester of 2012. It’s not like I made the Do what you Love poster and then decided to write it on my wall in addition.

Considering my room is large with originally plain white walls, its current state is something entirely different with the bombardment of words and colours. It does help to be surrounded by positivity because I tend to exude the opposite.

I’m going to give myself a round of applause because with these close-ups of the posters, you can’t see how messy my room is. I literally have six large cardboard boxes permanently sitting in the middle of my room, clothes and a cat on the futon, and just… stuff everywhere. I’m the master of looking composed until I expose myself with rambling like this.

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