Wrapping Paper

In December, I saw an article about how wrapping paper isn’t actually recyclable, and so I tried using kraft paper instead this past Christmas.

If you aren’t cheap, you can buy cute stamps and your paper will look nice


If you aren’t lazy, you can make your own stamps and those will look nice…

Unfortunately, I am both lazy and cheap, and so my family’s gifts turned out to be a little strange this holiday season.

It turns out that if you go to Michael’s in December, you have two options for stamps:

1. Pay +$15 for a single stamp that has a “pattern” like “Friendship is like a bouquet of flowers, sweet and beautiful” and other great things that you can stamp repeatedly…

2. Sort through bins of stamps on sale. They’re equally ridiculous and tend to focus on being Canadian (“I moose you” with a moose silhouette), or they’re from the last season.

In this case, “last season” meant stamps for Halloween.

Can you guess what our gifts looked like?

… You’ll have to, because I’m the best blogger ever and didn’t get a good picture of our gifts. Surprisingly, I did find the stamp that I used online, so just imagine this in teal (so festive!) ink:

And here’s another example of how good of a lady blogger I am:


Here is a pile of gifts rotated to least attractive angle (note peeling scotch tape and paper struggling to properly cover gifts) with unnatural lighting (Most lady bloggers go for overexposed natural lighting). If I had cared more about this post, I would have taken pictures of some of the less horrible wrapping, where I had started drawing my own patterns with coloured Sharpies and they didn’t look awful (but pencil crayon didn’t show up well).

I can, however, offer up this pile of the paper:


To some degree, it shows my other awesome, totally relevant-in-any-situation stamp that says “oh my!”; some of the Sharpie drawings; and the teal witch. At this point, the extra work and slight blandness of the present pile is worth it, knowing that this will all degrade and the environment suffers a little less for our cultural practises.

Since we got a cat almost a decade ago, we haven’t been able to set up a Christmas tree because his fat ass topples it over as he repeatedly jumps into it. We don’t put our presents out until an hour before we open them, and so it’s not like having beautiful, magazine-ready set ups are high on my family’s list of priorities.

Doing this also let me think that I’m really funny, as I tried to find ways to use the “oh my!” stamp:

2012-12-21 00.01.43


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