Crude Calligraphy

I debated on making a post on this project quite a lot, but ultimately, I find myself really funny and I want to share my hilarity.

A little while ago, this photo went viral:

A friend told me that it reminded her of me. Coincidentally, I did take a calligraphy class in grade 7, so I do know how to do it and I have ink pens at home.

But I’m at school and I don’t actually KNOW how to do calligraphy, so I had to make do with an ink marker, a regular black pen, and copying the curves from this image.


To put my card into context: I’d like to assume that my friend is invited to stay over after parties, but they insist on being asked every time, as they hate making assumptions. We’re both incredibly stubborn and neither of us wants to give in to the other, but I have these sorts of craft skills, so I figure that if I make a kickass invitation and proclaim that I’m not asking again after this, then they have to give in and start making assumptions because… well, look:

My “S” is a squished version of the one from “Salutations Motherfucker”, and I had to adapt the W to the M. It was too plain without the corner borders since I didn’t have curves flying every which way, and the heart at the end wasn’t really…intentional. I mean, I put it because it looked nice, not because I’m super affectionate.

It took quite a bit of planning (but that’s what not-doing-homework time is for), and so now I look like a fancy nympho if you look at the right papers on my desk:

I had better win this contest. … Of being more stubborn.

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