Death Star Pinata

It was my best friend’s birthday on Thursday, so in addition to the cookies that I made her, I made a pinata to incorporate her love of chocolate and Star Wars.

I feel like everyone knows how to make a pinata, but just in case you don’t know, the method is that you blow a balloon and then wrap most of it in paper machier (strips of newspaper dipped in a glue-water mix [two parts glue, one part water; the things you learn from Art Attack]); you leave a hole large enough to be able to get your goodies inside after it dries. You leave the coated balloon to dry, probably overnight, and then you pop the balloon. You fill it with the treats that you’d like, and then you add paper machier to cover the hole and probably add layers to the thinner parts of the pinata (if any). You paint it after this and you’re done.

Instead of finishing the pinata with a normal balloon-shape, I made a dent. But that’s the only thing different I did.

It dried and then I painted it… and then I took a permanent marker, and made all the ticks on it. I can’t say I did anything poorly or differently than how pinatas are supposed to be made.

2013-02-19 22.34.17

The first layer of painting the Death Star; the orange was there just to weight the container since it kept falling over.

2013-02-20 09.49.39

Ta-da! Death star.

2013-02-20 09.49.12

Death Star’s butt.


Smashed Death Star.

It’s a little lumpy and jagged, but it was meant to be smashed so I didn’t try and make it that smooth and I only did two layers of paint. It was a pretty hefty pinata and was satisfying to hear smashed over and over.

Note the chocolate… I had gotten my brother’s girlfriend to buy the chocolate, so she found things like chocolate cars and marshmallow toffee chocolates. I feel that’s entirely appropriate.

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