“Red” “Velvet” Cupcakes

The other week, my sister asked me to make her red velvet cupcakes because she was really craving them. I don’t see the hype around them, but I said I would.

I guess it didn’t start off particularly well when I forgot the ingredients before going to the grocery store and bought cream cheese instead of sour cream.

Things were okay until it got to the colouring part (used this recipe, by the way). I had originally planned to do two colours just to see how it would turn out. That was a good decision only for the reason that we didn’t have any red food colouring yet/one of the bottles won’t open. With that being the case, I wasn’t able to back out last minute and I had to go with my original plan of using blue and green.

I had split the batter into two bowls, but I guess I should have done that with…measurements… instead of eyeballing it. You’re supposed to make the liquid batter, add the food colouring, and then add the dry ingredients… I thought it would be easier to mix in the colours to the liquid colouring and then add the dry ingredients, except I forgot that I didn’t know the proportions between the two mixing bowls, and so I didn’t know how much of the dry ingredients to add to each. I ended up adding too much of the dry ingredients to the smaller bowl, so the big bowl was too liquidy and the small bowl was incredibly lumpy…

I don’t know why no one mentions this or how they overcome it, but the cocoa powder is extremely … brown … And so none of the batter turned out blue or green, but instead… uh… Well, I’ll just show you:

2013-02-18 21.09.22

I was trying to even out the dry ingredients between the two bowls… This was done by brushing the unmixed powder from the blue (right) bowl into the green (left) bowl…

2013-02-18 21.10.10

We can see how well that worked out, as bits of the blue batter fell into the green batter with the other powders. Here we can see the lumpyness of the batter; the flecks of butter really add the visual aesthetics.

2013-02-18 21.09.52A clearer example of the “correct” consistency of the blue batter. Lumpy and inconsistent, but at least parts are quite blue!

2013-02-18 21.15.41I take back what I said about it being blue. This is now Oscar the Grouch green (I should name nail polishes). It may be partially because I mixed in some of the green batter to make the blue one more viscous, but… either way, this is what I got.

2013-02-18 21.16.31This was “green.” It wouldn’t take much effort to crop this effort and have people wonder why the fuck this project blog had a picture of sewage.

2013-02-18 21.25.34I wanted to see the contrast of the two batters. Some of the cupcakes are mixes of the two batters, just in case that would help them; realistically, it led to slightly different baking times. Blue and green velvet cupcakes, ladies and gentlemen.

2013-02-18 21.27.26That is exactly the texture that you want your cupcake batter to be… Not smooth or runny, but instead, sticky and pointy.

2013-02-18 21.32.38I didn’t want to do a second batch of cupcakes, so I tossed the rest of the batter into a loaf pan. But even in the smallest pan, it wasn’t very much. So that’s a layer of blue under a layer of green, not quite filling the pan. It ended up not being fully baked in the middle and it’s been sitting in my fridge for a couple days, waiting to be baked once more…

2013-02-18 22.46.50Moldy-looking cupcakes, everyone. They smelled and taste fine, but uh… I really don’t make good-looking baked goods…

2013-02-18 22.47.03When you look at them in the right light, they totally look like red velvet cupcakes.


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