Cake Pops

2013: the year of 21st birthdays (for myself and the people I know); one of the last big birthdays. Additionally, we’re in third-year university now, so a lot of the people that are in my life have been around for a couple years by this point. *sigh* BirthdaysPft. Effort.

Ha ha ha I’m such an ass.

But I never did want to make cake pops. Two close friends had their 21st birthdays on Monday, so another friend (who is close with both birthday friends) and I spent Sunday making cake pops. The alternative was making fondant, but that’s a project for another day because it’s fucking daunting with how troublesome that is. (That’s going to be a shit show and there’s no way I’m not going to end up blogging about the mess I make with that)

We didn’t actually look into the whole process for making cake pops. I didn’t know you were supposed to let the cake completely cool in order to crumble it, or  after mixing frosting, or after forming the balls. All I knew was that you baked a cake, crumbled it, mixed in frosting, and dipped it in chocolate.

Baking the cake wasn’t hard; we just found a recipe on All Recipes (some One Bowl Chocolate Cake recipe). Instead of letting it cool completely over night, we crumbled the cake and threw it in the freezer for fifteen minutes. TURNED OUT FINE, bitches.

We didn’t really know how much frosting to add and we didn’t have any ingredients for cream cheese frosting, so we bought one of those tubs of Betty Crocker chocolate icing. Even though we scooped it in a tablespoon at a time, we ended up using three-quarters of the tub which might have been a bit too much but whatever, the product was delicious.

We stuck the mix back in the freezer for fifteen minutes, and then shoved lollipop sticks into the balls. The thing is that we didn’t know how big to make the balls. Starbucks has cake pops and those are three-quarters of an inch in diameters, but I feel like Starbucks food is a ripoff so I disregarded that size and we make them an inch (…or more) in diameter.

Photo 2013-03-24 7 00 59 PM

Turns out the lollipops are pansy ass sticks and the balls started breaking when we dipped them in chocolate. It also turns out that as you try to rotate the ball-on-a-stick in chocolate, the ball is too heavy and doesn’t rotate, but rather, spins on the stick, effectively dripping a lot of chocolate off the bottom and threatening the composition of the cake pop.

2013-03-24 19.25.51

We did try refridgerating the cake pops, but that didn’t help much. And you’re also supposed to dip the sticks in chocolate before sticking them into the ball, and then letting that solidify before you dip the whole thing in but THAT’S SO TROUBLESOME.

So I took the sticks out and rolled the ball in chocolate, later prying them off the plate and dipping anything exposed back into chocolate.

2013-03-24 19.46.17My friend cares more about presentation than I do, so he made them look nice, while I tossed sprinkles everywhere. He tried some nice drizzling, we mixed in some Jackson Pollock techniques, and things weren’t horrible in the end.

Photo 2013-03-24 7 53 39 PMYou can buy “stands for cake pops” but that’s stupid, so my friend used a bottle opener to make wholes in a box of Vector and that worked fine.

Photo 2013-03-24 7 53 50 PM(Alright, so they sort of look like messes, but we were still testing out techniques. It’s not all about looks, okay?)

Photo 2013-03-24 8 03 35 PM (1)

He really wanted to put them on sticks, so there were a couple like this.

I thought that storing them with the sticks in was too troublesome, so I just put all the other cake balls into the pyrex dish, and I think it looked pretty cute.   Photo 2013-03-24 10 12 57 PM It was a fun experience but I would only do this for other people who might care. For myself, I’d rather eat a plain cake straight from the oven. I think these are pretty darn cute, but each of these is a ball of cake and frosting, dipped in melted chocolate, covered in sprinkles, and drizzled with more chocolate. This must be a North American creation, through and through.  Photo 2013-03-24 8 02 33 PM  


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