I don’t usually post successes

e.g. I can make these cookies repeatedly well:

DSC_0304But this was something different and it’s been on my To Do list for a year. Unlike the “Thin mints” , this much-delayed project turned out well.

I meant to follow this recipe, but I hate using shortening and instead of simply substituting butter, I found another recipe… It was pretty similar, but it was weird for a pastry recipe because it wanted room temperature butter, and the suggested alternative to a pastry cutter was using your fingers.

1) She did mention that the room temperature butter was intentional, to make the pastry more dense like the store-bought poptarts. I don’t think I’d want poptarts that were just made with puff pastry (which is an easy alternative to making your own dough), but I didn’t soften the butter too much, and I put the poptarts in the fridge for a bit before putting them in the oven. I don’t think it really made a difference at that point, but the dough gets pretty … moist … as you work it with your hands because you’re melting the butter.

2) Generally the alternative if you don’t have a pastry cutter is to use two knives to cut the butter into the flour. Recipes usually mention that you want the butter to be pea-sized before you add the water to bind it into a dough, and so even if it wasn’t necessary for this recipe, that’s still what I did. I made pie crust dough for tourtiere in a food processor and that was the easiest method, but this dough was pretty easy.

Other than my poptarts initially being a bit too small and my “heaping tablespoon of filling” being a bit too generous, there really weren’t screw ups. Thankfully, any filling that seeped out was inconsequential, so SUCCESS. If I make this again in the future, I think I might add an eggwash on top; I never do that because I’m really lazy, but I like the browning on top, which didn’t happen with these. I was using nutella as filling, so I didn’t want additional frosting on top, but I think that helped as a distraction (on the blog I got the recipe from).



She doesn’t mention a size for your poptarts, and it doesn’t matter. As long as the top and bottom sort of match in size (mine didn’t always…) and the dough is the same thickness, it’s alright. Even then, slightly varying thicknesses aren’t crucial because the dough is good on it’s own because butter.

DSC_0307Yeah, you should leave more room on the edges than I did (I got better though!). I’d like to eventually make ravioli, and this was good practise.

DSC_0309In total, I made 11 poptarts because the last four were stupidly large. This first batch of itty bitties (I worked with half the dough at a time) actually produced six tarts.

DSC_0311Nice enough, just a little pale.

DSC_0315Not super flakey, but still good, and overall YUM.



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