Pecan Pie & Peanut Butter cookies

This was actually a success, so there wasn’t much to say.

My siblings love peanut butter cookies (so does our dog) and they’re super simple; despite that, I’m an ass and never bothered to make them until now. They’re as good and easy as you’d expect.


DSC_0617I also made pecan pie because there’s a list of things I want to try doing, and making a pie was one of the items. I’ve made dough for tourtiere and I made dough for pop tarts, but pies are their own category of pastry. The crust wasn’t super flakey and I’m going to blame that on my warm hands working with the dough. The only rolling pin we have is entirely made of marble so it weighs a fuck tonne, thus I never use it. When I’m pressing the dough thin, my warm hands start melting the butta and I’m going to blame the slightly dense crust on that.

I used one recipe for the crust (adding in vanilla and cinnamon as comments suggested) and another for the filling of the pie (because I had chosen the filling recipe first, and it didn’t require corn syrup).

I definitely want to try an apple pie in the fall, but for the first pie I’ve made, it wasn’t too bad!



DSC_0618But now I have a sack of pecan halves that I have no idea how to use.


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