Sewing Pockets into a Dress

Boys don’t even know how easy they have it. There are so many things about the girl world that they “never knew [they] never knew.” (I’m quoting Disney’s Pochahontas; I think I’m funny).

There are things like girl politics, periods, rolls/thigh gaps/lumpiness, and so much more (like gender inequality, walking alone at night, and other trivial things (I’m being facetious)).

But one thing they won’t realize is even a problem, until they put on our clothes, is the lack of pockets. Shallow pockets, fake pockets, no pockets. Somehow, designers thought that people that wear women’s clothing don’t need to hold anything or that they always have a purse to accompany them. There’s no need for pockets in your pants since it’ll make your tight pants look lumpy, and females have to be these smooth, curvy creatures. Apparently designers are thinking: “If you’re wearing a dress or skirt, well, you had better look like a goddamn proper lady and use a purse that matches, because I sure as hell am not sewing in pockets to your clothing.”

You will never find someone trying on a dress who is not surprised and excited that it has pockets. Sometimes, that’s even a selling point because of how uncommon it is that we are given good-sized, useful pockets. Do you even understand fake pockets? They aren’t pockets that have been sewn shut but you can unstitch, should you like you use them. They are the illusion of a pocket without real depth; they appear to be pockets to spectators, but the person wearing the pants knows that there is no real purpose. There is no need for this facade: either give me what I want – pockets – or do not pretend that you have pleased me at all.

I suppose I shouldn’t get so worked up over pockets, but men’s clothing, UGH men’s clothing. You will not find a single pair of pants that does not have at least two pockets of good depth for them to store a phone, wallet, and keys. Give them additional pockets and you give them the world. What is the cause for this? Men don’t carry purses, but of course women do. Girls might ask guys to hold their things because they have pockets, and the boy will go, “Ah, silly girls, why can’t you carry it yourself? Lazy.” (as they chuckle and hold your things). Well, sir, I was not given the silly goddamn option of putting it in my own clothing, was I? But you don’t even know.

Anyway. Back to the point of this blog. I found a site with a tutorial to sew pockets into a dress and I tried it and it was okay.

I mean, the tutorial is great. It’s just my sewing that fluctuates between mediocre, not bad, and sort of good (it does not transtion; it fluctuates). The dimensions for the pockets sounds oddly large so I shaved off an inch from most things. I sort of have small hands, so it turned out alright, but I will probably keep her measurements for future endeavours.

DSC_0281Expert tracing. (The pocket material was leftover from Lemongrab.)

DSC_0302Expert sewing…

I am reluctant to use a sewing machine because it takes longer to learn to set up than for me to sew half the project. I didn’t really understand the size of the seam, so my pocket is rather visible, especially with all the frayed ends. I also forgot that the original dress material was pretty frayed and that I should have folded that over when I started sewing the pocket in… Trust me, this first pocket looks bad.

2013-06-02 18.25.54By itself, it looks okay! Superb sewing. Absolutely superb.

2013-06-06 19.21.43Err, yeah, one pocket is much better/worse than the other one.




2013-06-06 19.24.42I think it looks okay…

Until you turn around:

2013-06-06 19.23.43

(I amaze myself with these high quality, well staged photos)

Anyway, I’ll get better. I won’t touch the more expensive/delicate dresses until later, but this was enough of a not failure and provides an increase of functionality that I will do this again.

fucking pockets.

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