Mushroom and Spinach Ravioli

I made this over a month ago and have been too lazy to blog. There are few comments I can make:

– if I were to ever be a mother, I would not bother doing this for my children. That being said, I will almost never do this for myself again because it takes too much work for someone who doesn’t mind pre-made pasta stuff

– it’s possibly easier with a pasta maker/roller thing, but my dough kept tearing these holes that looked like stretch marks and I don’t know why. Was my dough too dry, too wet, too warm, too cold? Perhaps I should have watched a video on proper pasta-making technique

– three of these ravioli is sufficient for one portion, surprisingly. Six is too many, you may regret it (but not as you do it)

– dear god how does anyone have the time to do this

DSC_0891I love mushrooms, so I considered quitting the recipe here and just eating this

DSC_0892I thought the filling looked pretty gross and it made me laugh, so I took a photo of it


Rolling out pasta can be fun, but it’s much more fun if you can clamp it to your surface so the machine doesn’t move. And a pint glass can be excellent for cutting out ravioli things… Stacking your unfloured things is not the best idea because at the bottom of the stack, you may find you cannot peel them apart anymore, resulting in having to re-roll this hardened dough and begin the process once again.

DSC_0900But it does look pretty cool.


They’re pretty cute. They stick together sort of easily and even if you’re going to eat them within the week, store them in the freezer or else they get rather soft and you may fear that they’re going to fall apart, as the dough has become sticky and the filling threatens to spill its secrets to the boiling water. But of course I wouldn’t know this from experience.

I think the recipe calls for melted chive butter, or it should because that’s delicious, but I got rather lazy. The first time I sort of browned butter and poured it unevenly over my ravioli, and although I super love butter, it doesn’t add much unless you’re willing to add THAT much butter. The next two times I ate the ravioli I didn’t bother doing anything past boiling them and they’re fine because mushrooms are fucking delicious in anything and don’t need no goddamn help because they are independent…fungi. Not sure where I was going with that.

In any case, worth doing once. Alternatively, you could just cook mushrooms with garlic, spinach, (onions,) and cheese.


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