Doughnut Holes & Vanilla Extract

Doughnut holes (I really just want to call them Timbits!) turned out to be more like popovers or soft snickerdoodles…which is a win in any scenario. They were super easy (made impromptu with a friend) and we accidentally/”accidentally” ate almost all of them in one half-hour sitting. The only thing was that they weren’t super pretty and I have no idea why ours didn’t look like the one posted on the original blog (what a surprise though; probably added too much cinnamon or too little sugar, but either way it was delicious):

2013-08-12 21.34.07

As for vanilla extract, well… I haven’t actually used my extract yet. Unlike the sort of weirdo amaretto that I made last year, I don’t want to simply drink this infusion. Will I notice a difference in homemade vanilla extract versus store bought extract? Should I? Also, I didn’t make it with vodka, but rather, with rum because as a Canadian who can go to Cuba, white rum is in sufficient supply in my house.

I haven’t baked much this summer, so…I’m putting my faith in this because it’s a common thing to make vanilla extract at home and I really hope I didn’t manage to fuck this up. Although… it’s a lot more transparent than store bought stuff…

2013-08-18 18.30.01The beans have been soaking for almost four months… NO it must be fine. At the very least, if/when I use this extract, I’ll either be adding vanilla extract or rum, which could be … considered good. (Should I mention that I don’t like rum?)


3 thoughts on “Doughnut Holes & Vanilla Extract

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