Pork Dumplings

This wasn’t a “failure” because of my SKILLS. i.e. it tasted alright, I would tweak the recipe in the future, but I more or less did everything correctly!

Originally, I had wanted to do this recipe for Inari sushi because growing up, I had quite a few Korean friends and they often ate these delicious little things. But then I couldn’t find the goddamn motherfucking stupid tofu wrappers and had to change plans for what I was making with my friend while in the grocery store.

And so I chose pork dumplings because they are one of my downfalls. Pork dumplings are like that really attractive but out-of-your-league guy that you occasionally run into, and despite your better judgment, you indulge in them; except that instead of embarrassing yourself and talking to them, you eat the entire package of two dozen pork dumplings, ignoring the sodium intake, and in both cases, you ignore the negative consequences and focus on how good you feel for those glorious brief moments.

I suppose I should be glad this recipe for pork dumplings wasn’t as salty as packaged stuff. But that really isn’t what my taste buds wanted. Lean pork can be…nice…but goddamn, I want a mouthful of salty meat, chewy dough (I prefer dumplings to wonton), and bits of vegetables. I have no idea if we actually put in five cups of cabbage, as we thought that the unit thing of Chinese cabbage that we had definitely wouldn’t shred to five cups and didn’t bother measuring it. But my friend kept mixing the filling and telling me to stop cutting cabbage because it was more cabbage than meat, and I’m a stubborn ass, so I cut all but six leaves of cabbage and then said, “perhaps I should have stopped cutting a few leaves ago.”

2013-09-01 20.51.14Appealing!

Our dumpling-making skills leave a little bit to be desired since some of them tended to open a bit and leave gaps, but it didn’t really matter because my friend had a steamer; had we had to boil them, there would have been boiled ground lean pork floating around in that pot of hot water and it would have been as close to hot ham water as you could “wish” for.

2013-09-01 22.07.14You can see a couple of them opening up, as well as some where we pinched the edge with our nails, as you can do with (a fork with) ravioli.

They taste okay, especially if you dip them in soy sauce, but I think they need some pepper, maybe some salt, and additional seasoning. I do love dumplings and you can freeze them easily, and unlike the ones that my aunt makes with that nasty ass Chinese mushroom/fungus, I like all that’s in these, so…. this is something that I could potentially do in the future (except that I won’t because I’m lazy).

2013-09-01 22.07.30Beautiful arrangement, no?


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