Inari Sushi / “you-boo-cho-bap”

This was easy, delicious, and I didn’t fail. I’m a little proud.

Mostly I wanted to gush about these. I can’t remember how I stumbled upon the name “inari sushi” since growing up, I had a handful of Korean friends that brought these for lunch and I thought it was a Korean food, meaning I never would have searched for sushi or Korean words. The only Korean words I sort of know are annyong (because of Arrested Development) and… bulgogi… kalbi… After I found this recipe for “inari sushi,” I asked my Korean friend where I could get the tofu wrappers and she told me to go to “the korean supermarket PAT on dundas and ask for you-boo-cho-bap.” So, y’know, if you’re ever looking for tofu wrappers, that’s what they’re called (and if you happen to be in my Canadian suburb/city, you know a store to get them at. But also, T&T.)

2013-10-19 12.22.37

ANYWAY. I love these things. I loved them when my friends brought them, but I couldn’t steal many because it was their lunch. But a decade later, I’ve found them again and I’m going to eat them forever and ever. Somehow I reduced the amount of work involved, namely because a) I couldn’t read the tofu wrapper instructions and b) I have sushi seasoning for some reason.

Tofu Wrappers –

2013-10-19 12.09.35

I texted my brother and friend if they knew what the first step was saying, but neither of them knew, so I went ahead and tossed them in the rice cooker. I assumed that “1.5” was referring the cups of rice, so I reduced how much rice I made. In any case, rice mixed with the sushi seasoning is pretty tasty and I wouldn’t mind just eating a bowl of that…

2013-10-19 12.27.09Maybe it wasn’t necessary for them to be in with the rice the entire time because when I picked them up, they were all so fucking piping hot but I really wanted to eat these, so I kept trying to stuff these before they cooled. They probably don’t need much time to “cook” anyway, but who knows? I don’t read Japanese.

The sushi seasoning let me skip measuring vingear, sugar, salt, etc. so really, this longest part of this experiment was hunting down the “you-boo-cho-bap”. Wash the rice, peel apart the “you-boo-cho-bap,” press button on rice cooker, pour a couple tablespoons of the sushi seasoning into the cooker, peel apart the wrappers, stuff the wrappers with rice, eat. Good cold or warm, more fun than eating plain rice. Satisfy cravings from a decade ago.

2013-10-19 13.28.10


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