Scented Vinegar & Pillow Cases

My unofficial hiatus is potentially over now, since I’ve finished my undergrad and I’m not working this summer. A few things to cover:

1) A lot of people come across this blog because they’re looking up Bunners gypsy cookies. Bunners has released a cookbook that you can buy and it includes their recipes for the gypsy cookies and a bunch of other things. I have no idea if you can order it online; the only reason I know it exists is that my sister is good friends with one of the bakers and bought a copy of the book. So for those who are looking for the gypsy cookie recipe… you’ll have to go get the book or scour the internet in hopes that someone else has posted the recipe (even if I wanted to post the it, I don’t have access to it).

2) I’ve started another infusion project. I never did use that vanilla extract, but I’m sure it tastes good… (I haven’t use it because I haven’t been baking while in school, so that should be changing soon) This project, however, should be useful as soon as it’s done. I’m somewhat of a hippie and I don’t really like the extensive chemicals that we use to keep our living spaces clean and sanitized, so I’m making naturally scented vinegar cleaner, as seen on Heart of Light. She tried scent combinations that another person suggested, but because Heart of Light loved lemon&basil and that’s what i have access to, that’s what I’m trying. I feel like it should work and that I’ll be a convert.

DSC_1200Sophisticated method of separating rind from meat

DSC_1201(I ended up putting more lemon and basil in there)

DSC_1202Rind to vinegar, meat to infused water: win-win

3) I’m going to try sewing a fitted bed sheet, but first, I’m starting with pillow cases. Well, more accurately, I’m making a pillow, moving onto pillow cases, experimenting with bed sheets for single beds, and then if that works out, bed sheets for twin beds. I’m moving to Montreal (it’s six hours from where I live) so my parents are buying me a new bed and for the first time ever, I’m going to have a non-single bed. When I went to Supercrawl in September I came across this fabric store, Needlework, and the goal is to get super cute fabric and make super cute custom bed sheets. I made my friend take me to the fabric store and though he did, he said, “You’re like a lonely, single old white lady whose grandchildren don’t visit.” Okay, sure, I am a single 22-year old who is sewing pillow cases and bed sheets in hopes of having matching sets, but… like… whatever, that’s just your opinion, man.

DSC_1186The material I’m making for the pillow. IT’S FOR A FRIEND, OKAY? I’m not really a lonely, crazy cat lady…

DSC_1198Pillow case material prints – much cuter, yeah?

Infused vodka seems to be the thing that brings most people here, so maybe I’ll try more alcoholic experiments this summer. No promises.


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