Re: Scented Vinegar & Pillow Cases (and pie)

Update on the projects I started:

– Scented vinegar: effective? I can’t say that I really notice a lingering lemon smell, but I think I also didn’t add enough lemon rinds to make a powerful scent. Also, I realized that while I live at home for the summer, I don’t really need to clean things and so I haven’t actually used the vinegar for anything other than the time my cat vomited on the floor tiles. So um… this… is a success? It’s sort of hard to tell, but I’d like to say it went well.

– pillow cases: despite having a sewing machine, access to the internet, and four attempts, each of my pillow cases is not perfect. However, they work and look fine enough for me, so whatever. I am putting off the fitted bed sheet because I’m scared, but my mom did pull out a bunch of top sheets that I can turn into fitted sheets later, which is nice.


DSC_0008I care less about matching pillow cases and bed sheets than I thought I would.

– oh yeah. I’ve made three pillows out of that cat-patterned fabric.


2014-05-27 14.55.42

– I MADE PIE. It’s not the most proper pie, but it’s more proper than that pumpkin pie one that I made last year. THIS ONE was made with strawberries THAT I PICKED. I really wanted to pick berries last year, but that didn’t work out. I was supposed to go to the shooting range with some friends on Saturday, but that didn’t work out either, and we ended up picking strawberries instead and it was GREAT because it was the first weekend that you could pick them so they were all BEAUTIFUL and not eaten by bugs or birds I ATE SO MANY. I can’t wait until raspberries can be picked soon! And then I finally got to use the homemade vanilla extract that I made…last year? and I can proudly say that it smells strong like storebought extract, but foul like rum, and tastes fine in the pie. My next step towards a real pie is making the crust (I already had a frozen pie crust, and just used Pillsbury croissant stuff that I had laying around for the top) by hand, but that shouldn’t be too difficult. I’ll probably make an apple pie next week. AUTHENTIC HOMEMADE PIE SOON.






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