Liquid Hand Soap & Rice Krispies (with almonds)

I’ve always been a bit of a hippie but I’ve been one even more so within the last year. My next step to this hippie life style is making my own liquid hand soap, to reuse the plastic bottles of past soap containers (I’m sure each part isn’t perfectly recycled, so I have more faith in reusing) and to stop using those exfoliating beads that are killing fish and the environment (they’re to be banned in New York, apparently, because they’re so bad for the environment). This turned out to be a fairly popular project on the internet… or so it seems, when you’re actively doing internet searches for “homemade liquid hand soap”…

In any case, I took bits and pieces from three different sites:

The first and main one – shave the bar of soap and put that into hot water on the stove (the Second site says to put hot water into your main container, but I wanted to make sure the water stayed hot enough to melt the shavings). It says to wait 12-24 hours before adding scents, but after the mixture stopped steaming, I poured it into my two containers and added the scents immediately. These instructions call for 10 ounces of soap and 16 cups of water.

DSC_0727My super neat work station for shaving soap into a container that used to hold Chinese noodles. The store I got the soap from was called the Big Carrot and they gave me a paper bag to hold my hippie soap. I shouldn’t have been surprised. Hippies. (I know, I know, I’m one of them.)

DSC_0731Soap shavings: like parmasan cheese, but less tasty.

The second one – similar to the First one, but as aforementioned, I didn’t want to pour hot water into a container, and I thought that 10 cups of water for a 3 ounce bar of soap would make it too liquidy. I only wanted to work with one bar of soap this time, so I went between the First and Second sites and used six cups of water. This site has dozens of comments replying to this post, and a lot of people had the problem of the soap thickening; the solution to that was to storing it in a warm place. This morning, about twelve hours after I had made the mixture, my soap had sort of solidified already. Some mixing solved that and thank goodness my containers are large (I haven’t put them into dispensers yet) so that was easy, but I think this is just how it’s going to be and I’m not going to keep all my soap stored in small dispensers that are hard to stir.

DSC_0733When on the heat, it was a clear solution, but within fifteen minutes of cooling down, it began to become translucent/opaque. Soon enough it was opaque and solidifying. I don’t know that if I leave it for weeks without stirring it will still remain as it was this morning or if it’ll turn into a brick. I wonder if I add more water will it solifidy less? Oh well, we shall see. I’m glad these ex-noodle containers have wide mouths so that it’s easy to stir the soap up. (Although the Lysol container is 3/4 water because I wanted it to foam, and it was still solid. Maybe it solidifies in any case? It’s summer in Canada right now, so it’s not that cold..)

The third one – mostly useless because they use store bought liquid castile soap. I don’t know why they bothered making a post; I know I didn’t have to do a lot, but my goodness, they just bought a product and added some smelly oils to it. They made nice looking labels to make it seem really homemade, but what the fuck do I care what my soap bottle looks like? Is knowing that my soap smells like birch going to stop people from using it? I don’t think so. But I guess if you’re giving it away then that’s…nice. But anyway, I followed this site’s suggestion to add 1/4 teaspoon of essential oil per cup of water and that’s probably fine. I actually like the smell of the plain castile soap though, so I have one bottle of that.

DSC_0729I don’t really like picking essential oils… Everything sort of stinks and/or smells like Chinese herbal medicine. I did shove my face into the bottle to smell, and the friend that I dragged along with me exclaimed, “You’re in science! WAFT.” Whoops. I thought I’d love basil or lavender, but man, those were awful. These might still smell like Chinese medicine, but when they don’t, they smell like wood and nature. It’s nice.

I sort of wish that I had nice containers and labels like all these other websites do, but I really… just have one soap dispenser with the old label still on, and two large containers that used to house noodles… Still, I’m happy with the result and although I’ll probably grow tired of the same two smells, I might be a convert to making my own soap. Despite having bought the materials less than a month ago, I’ve completely forgotten how much these items cost, but one bar of soap got me at least six cups of liquid soap (more if I use the foaming dispensers), and I have three more bars of soap. I think four bars of soap and two essential oils cost less than $40? The Second site uses this for absolutely everything; I’ll probably just stick to hand soap for now, but it could turn into a body wash… I’m on the road to full out hippie, minus the LSD.

I went camping last month and naturally bought marshmallows, and even more naturally, have two-thirds of a giant bag left over. Rice krispie squares were made today, of course. It’s really nothing rare or ground-breaking so I’m not going into detail about it, but I was trying to recreate ones that my grandma used to make. The taste isn’t quite right, but I used two different recipes.

From one, I added approximately 1/3 cup of honey (I was hoping for more depth of flavour) and added a cup of chopped almonds (but my grandma used to add peanuts, so what I did already strayed). And otherwise, I followed the straightforward AllRecipes recipe. I don’t think I even followed any of the suggestions/comments… There was one that killed me, where they said they replaced rice krispies with meatloaf, so maybe next time I’ll do that.

DSC_0735Had to spend ten minutes chopping large marshmallows into smaller ones so they would melt faster… But still, this recipe is supposed to have three ingredients. It doesn’t get much easier than rice krispies.

DSC_0736… Super appealing?

I still have more marshmallows left and I want to make something closer to what my grandma used to make, so rice krispies haven’t heard of the last of me…

[The last post I made I was super excited about making an apple pie of scratch. Man, I think I made half the amount of dough that I was supposed to, and it ended up sort of horrible looking. And then the filling, like I added a bit more liquid and the spiced liquid filling part turned out like a thick paste rather than…a thin paste… I wish I could pretend that wasn’t my first homemade pie. I had a picture somewhere, but I’ve lost it and that’s for the better.]


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