Additional Vanity

First, my name is Annette Li, 21-years old. … What else is relevant? Honours Geography and Environmental Student at Mac, Canadian-born Chinese? I think I may be a hipster, if that’s relevant.

I’ve been baking since I was 8-years old. I had always wanted an Easy Bake oven and one day when I got picked up from Chinese school, there was one sitting in the van. I asked if that was for me, and my parents said No, it was for someone else (like a cousin or something). It’s still sitting in our kitchen cabinet, although I have upgraded from cooking with a lightbulb since then.

I don’t tend to try recipes twice, even if I loved what I’ve made. Often I seem to choose the wrong things to make because it turns out I wouldn’t have even liked a store-bought/proper version of it, but that’s mostly because I’m not a smart lady (but I know what love is…)

Making non-food things happens less frequently than making food, but that’s really because I only make things that I can find a use for. There are lots of crafts out there that seem fun, but making lanterns and pom poms and garlands is a waste of time and space for me.

I like to cut corners and omit steps, which is why most things I make look just a little “not right.” I don’t make icing, I improvise materials, I figure things will look “okay” even without one thing or another. Most blogs out there are about making everything prim and proper, and I suppose this blog is a somewhat-experienced-yet-lazy (i.e. “realistic”) documentation of attempts at the projects out there on the internet.


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